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MA 212 - Differential Equations (Spring 2020)


Spring 2020 Lessons


Friday Apr 24

Class Day: Thurs Apr 23

No Class Thurs April 16 - Academic Symposium Day



Class Day: Tues April 14 & Tues April 21 - Lesson 7.3 - Due Fri 4/24/20

Class Day: Thurs April 9- Lesson 7.1-2 - due Fri 4/17/20

Class Day: Tues April 7 - Due Thursday 4/9/20

Class Day: Thurs Apr 2

Class Day: Tues Mar 31 - Epidemics & ODEs

Class Day: Thurs Mar 26 - Lesson 8.2c - due Thurs 4/2/20

Class Day: Tues Mar 24 - Lesson 8.2b - - due Mon 3/30/20

Class Day: Thurs Mar 19 - Lesson 8.2a - due Fri 3/27/20


A question you might have: What about homeworks 6.1 and 8.1 that were both scheduled to come in on Thursday, 3/19? You should still try those problems.
- When you have completed 6.1, email me to let me know, and I will give you full credit. At some point I will post the solutions, but if you want me to look over your version, you can scan or photo your work and send that to me.
- Similarly, let me know when you've completed 8.1 and I will give you full credit. I'll try to post solutions, though those are a little difficult to type up. Perhaps you can send me the phase portrait you generate with the applet below for problem 1. But if you have difficulty getting that to work, don't stress on it.

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Here are some links with a general connection to our course:

  1. SOS Mathematics is a pretty good site for reading about and getting help with differential equations.
  2. You can find many things online pertaining to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. I recommend the University of Washington Libraries site.
  3. Need help evaluating an integral? Try "The Integrator," created by Wolfram Research, the makers of Mathematica.

Here are some links related to specific topics in our course:

  1. For direction field plots (not for systems), look at this Bluffton University page by Darryl Nester. (verified 12-17-19)
  2. THIS ONE FOR SECTION 8.1: For phase portraits/direction fields (for systems), try this site. (verified 12-17-19).
  3. If you want to look at a great site for studying many different physics applications (including some we will see in class), look at Walter Fendt's website. (verified 12-17-19)
  4. An Excel version of the Vibrating Springs spreadsheets can be downloaded by clicking (or perhaps right-clicking) on this link.
  5. An excellent explanation of the Fourier Transform is here.